Review: Batman Curse of the White Knight Book 7: The Fall of The Batman

Art by Sean Gordon Murphy (DC Comics)

Batman Curse of the White Knight Book 7 is the penultimate issue of the sequel to Sean Gordon Murphy’s hit series Batman White Knight. After learning the shocking truth about the Wayne family’s wealth, Bruce is rethinking everything. The consuming melancholy tone throughout the issue is further pushed by the stellar writing and art by Sean Gordon Murphy. Murphy’s ability to transition between chapters within the story provides fans with almost everything they want: drama, action, and even romance?

The budding new relationship between Bruce and Harley may be the only thing grounding Bruce at this point. Utterly disgusted in his own family, Bruce seems to recognize a need for change. (A big spoiler-ey can’t say yet change). Luckily, Harley is there to remind Bruce that when he makes his decision “You’ll still have me.” It’s a touching moment that takes place right after an opening sequence featuring a young Bruce and living Alfred.

After a touching conversation with Barbara, who is thankfully recovering from her fight with Azrael, it becomes apparent to readers Bruce might be breaking a few rules we’ve gotten used to. Without going into detail, it ends with Bruce asking Gotham for permission to be Batman “One Last Time.” After rallying the troops at the GCPD, Batman decides to get nuts. It’s at this point where a GCPD-sanctioned Nightwing asks Batman what happens when he catches Azrael. Although, it seems like Batman is dead. So, what does that mean?

Batman Curse of the White Knight continues to be an outstanding use of DC Black Label so that writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy doesn’t have to pull any punches. Each page builds off the last both in excitement and uncertainty. Additionally, the colors by Matt Hollingsworth perfectly complement Murphy’s art to create a world built on shadows.

Final thoughts:
Batman Curse of the White Knight Book 7 uses every panel it can to draw the reader in both in story and visuals. If a page doesn’t hold the reader’s attention through its striking artwork, it’s through the masterful storytelling that more than surpasses any expectations as it prepares to close the curtain on the series as a whole.

Rating: 10/10

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