Review: The Flash 750 Carries More Than Two Surprises

Art by Howard Porter (DC Comics)

The Flash 750 holds a plethora of writers and artists per story that make for one of the most spectacular issues for the series. Writers Joshua Williamson, Geoff Johns, Frances Manpaul, Brian Buccellato, Marv Wolfman, and Scott Lobdell and artists Rafa Sandoval, Stephen Segovia, Jordi Tarragona Scott Kolins, Frances Manpaul, Riley Rossmo, David Marquez, Brett Booth, and Norm Rapmund (whew that’s a mouthful) all deliver one of the most important Flash issues in years.

Through each story, it becomes more clear that the theme of the issue is showing appreciation for The Flash. Although the primal focus is Barry Allen, both Wally West and Jay Garrick are recognized for their impact and legacies. What makes the issue even more impactful is that each story isn’t just about the character it’s centered on but their influence as Flash. Furthermore, the legacy of The Flash is much bigger than the man behind the mantle.

The stories within the issue can be broken down by whoever is the Flash at that point. The opening story “The Flash Age, Pt. 1” gears fans up for the upcoming arc “The Flash Age” by Joshua Williamson.” Similarly, “Why You?” by Frances Manpaul and “Flash of All Worlds” both detail times The Flash has saved the day, specifically as. Barry Allen. “Why You” follows the trend of expressing the impact The Flash has had, while “Flash of All Worlds” physicality has him saving the day once more. Moreover, these three stories each are able to convey the importance that Barry Allen has had through his tenure as the scarlet speedster.

Similarly, The Flash 750 also depicts the importance that Wally West and Jay Garrick have had on the world as the Flash. While the story “Beer Run” by Geoff Johns barely features Wally, it does an excellent job of detailing how his morals have affected those around him; whether they’re both friend or foe. Now the story “At the Starting Line” (also by Williamson), follows the same blueprint of Scott Snyder’s story in Wonder Woman 750. DC has been setting up the groundwork for a streamlined timeline for months, and “At the Starting Line” is another step in that direction. However, it also seems to be setting up the groundwork for another Flash story in the near future, possibly featuring the whole Flash Family.

Lastly, Scott Lobdell is setting up fans for Generation Zero in”Flash Forward: Epilogue.” The story follows after the events of Flash Forward 6, which ended with Wally West sitting on the Mobius Chair and blending with Dr. Manhattan. It seems that Wally’s got a bone to pick with the timeline of DC Comics, an event that will be further explored in Generation Zero and beyond.

The overall writing of The Flash 750 is seamless, with each segment gracefully relaying the same message to readers: The Flash is a (living) legend. While Barry Allen has since resumed his role as the main Flash for almost a decade, this issue makes sure to remind fans that Barry hasn’t been the only person to own the role. Additionally, each artist is able to bring the characters and story to life through their respective styles.

Final Thoughts:

Although it seems like troubled times are ahead for Flash, fans can slow down and enjoy this issue that’s jam-packed with action, emotion, and possibility.

Rating: 9/10

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