Strange Adventures Review: Adam Strange: War Hero or Monster?

Art by Mitch Gerads (DC Comics)

Writer Tom King is looking for another home-run in Strange Adventures, and he might just get it. Luckily, Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads have a knack for taking shelved characters and bringing them into the limelight. However, this time they’re accompanied by the classic Golden Age style of Evan Shaner. With these superstar artists by his side, King is able to relay a refreshing take on Adam Strange, a character who hasn’t been explored enough as of late. Following the trend explored in the Eisner winning series Mister Miracle, Strange Adventures begs the question: “Is everything what it seems to be?”

Strange Adventures is a classic “who done it”, yet with many layers that provide depth to the story. Clearly, the primary focus of the plot will be understanding the truth, it seems that many truths will be uncovered, both in the past and in the present. This will be done in a back-and-forth mode of storytelling, with each issue alternating between the two stories.

As such, the issue itself is split into two separate stories, one that details Adam’s time on Rain fighting a war, and one that conveys the present-time for readers. Doc Shane’s art is focused on the past, using his definition and colors to encapsulate one of the most gorgeous planets in the multi-verse. Meanwhile, Mitch Gerads is focused on the present-day, using his raw and sketchy work to showcase how tumultuous of times Adam is currently facing.

During his time on Rann, Adam Strange spent his time defending the planet from the Pykkts. This interplanetary war is just the perfect kind of space adventure Strange is used to. It’s a modern take on the classic storytelling used for any fantastical adventure. However, the stakes seem higher this time, and the toll feels steeper as we transition back and forth between then and now.

Meanwhile, the present day hasn’t been so kind to Adam either. While hosting a book signing, a ferociously disgusted individual seems to think not everything was what it seemed in the memoirs of his recent battle on Rann. And after another series of unfortunate events, things seem to be turning to the worse. Not to worry though one of the world’s greatest detective’s is on the case (no not Batman). Maybe all isn’t lost after all?

Final Thoughts: Although Tom King had one of the longest and most successful runs on Batman anyone has ever seen, his true strength seems to be 12 issue maxi-series’. Just like Vision, Omega Men, Sheriff of Babylon, and Mister Miracle, Strange Adventures opens up with more questions than answers. Luckily, it’s these questions that draw readers in for more time and time again.

Rating: 10/10

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