Daredevil 19 Review: War Comes to Hell’s Kitchen (Spoilers)

Art by Julian Totino Tedesco (Marvel Comics)

Chip Zdarsky starts Daredevil 19 going in swinging with a good old fashioned car explosion. And as it turns out, each page that follows will be as explosive as the last, whether physically or dramatically. With Marco Checchetto at the realms of another Daredevil issue, the art is once again elevated to another level. With that being said, Hell’s Kitchen is about to become hell on earth for any unarmed civilian.

This issue opens with Stromwyn sending in the troops to destroy Hell’s Kitchen. Luckily, Matt and Detective North are on the way, along with some of New York’s Finest… citizens? That’s right, the Daredevil’s are back and ready to kick some ass. However, they’re not the only people back in town. The Punisher is too, and as he said “I’m Daredevils’ top baddy!” Turns out, he never specified which Daredevil he meant.

However, that isn’t the only bombshell in the issue. It turns out Punisher isn’t the only one back, he brought some friends with. With destruction all around and new blood spilled, Matt decides to take matters into his own hands. The devil is back. But what about the Kingpin of crime? Only time will tell.

The story itself is jam-packed with 22 pages of intensity, fisticuffs, and fear. What makes the issue so engaging is that the fear felt throughout the issue itself isn’t just seen in the whites of the eyes of New Yorkers but also in the reader’s hearts and minds. Each page is twice as jaw-dropping as the last. This is furthered by the glorious colors, linework, and attention to detail by Checchetto. Through his definition and lifework, Checchetto depicts every finite detail in the most realistic manner conceivable. Furthermore, the story itself seems to hold the weight of the world as a result of their combined efforts continue to both go above and beyond their previous work.

Overall, Zdarsky delivers another action packed issue that keeps the punches rolling from the beginning until the end. Having Checchetto on arts has also risen the stakes. Essentially, their teamwork reinforces this the importance of not just this issue but the entire arc. The war in against Stromwyn won’t be won easily, but it seems safe to say the devil of Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t plan to go down without a fight.

Rating: 9/10

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