Review: Batman The Adventures Continue #1

Art by Dave Johnson (DC Comics)

Batman The Adventures Continue might just be what the doctor ordered this week. Despite the despair and turmoil in the world around us, comic fans can find some enjoyment in a story continuing the adventures of the timeless Batman: The Animated Series TV show from the 1990’s. Writers Alan Burnett and Paul Dini reunite with artist Ty Templeton and easily create a comic that is nothing short of delightful.

The story itself is meant to take place somewhere after The New Batman Adventures ended and before Batman Beyond takes place, giving these writers a lot of stories to tell. The point of this was to give Dini and Burnett the opportunity to introduce new characters and answer the questions that were left hanging. The story opens with Batman taking down Bane, thinking the night cant get any worse. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, whee a giant robot starts causing disruption, creating the perfect opportunity to re-immerse readers in the wacky universe of fantastical enemies who shoot lasers and rob banks rather than murdering millions.

Not only are fans reminded what kind of foes Batman fights, but also what a day in the life for Bruce Wayne is like. Batting away women who want to give Wayne Manor a “mother’s touch” isn’t the only thing on Bruce’s mind. It’s also why Lex Luthor decided to pop into Gotham City so unexpectedly. Writing a story that depicts both Bruce Wayne and Batman allows Dini and Burnett to characterize both sides of Bruce, reminding fans how skillful of writers they are. Not to mention, in this world, Bruce Wayne is just as important as the Batman when it comes to storytelling.

Through all this, artist Ty Templeton is unsurprisingly able to keep up with the fast-paced writing and illustrate everything as it would be if it were on screen. Although the story isn’t animated, Templeton draws each panel as if it were a small segment from the show, giving it the backbone for readers tot visualize the story as one fluid motion. Templeton ‘s art is almost identical to that of the animated show, which will always be referred to as the gold standard when a story is in continuity with BTAS.

Overall, the story itself is very fun, action-packed, and a perfect way to dive back into an old friend.

Rating: 10/10

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