Review: Death Metal #1 Rocks it out of the Park

When Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo confirmed that there would be a Metal sequel, fans rejoiced. The original event was a smashing hit, and it left an unmistakably important impact on DC continuity. However, one issue in and it seems to have already set the stage for a crisis level event at the very least. Unlike its predecessor that focused on Batman, Death Metal focuses on Wonder Woman. Although Batman is an important character in the story, Diana Prince will be the hero to save the DC Universe.

Following the events of Snyder’s final Justice League arc “Justice-Doom War,” Doom has won. Most heroes of the multiverse have either been imprisoned or gone into hiding. The Batman Who Laughs had specific tasks for select Leaguers and none of it is good. Aquaman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Mister Miracle have become leaders of new territories. Evil has won.

From the beginning, Snyder promised this series would be just as insane as its predecessor. The issue opens by introducing readers to Sergeant Franklin John Rock giving a speech that appears to be the opening act for the story. Although the main focus will be Diana, readers should expect some more of Sergeant Rock saying “Oorah” from time to time.

Without getting too specific, the main focus of the issue is the new prisoner Diana is meant to guard in Tartarus. The prisoner’s voice sparks something in her, pulling her mind towards hope. Towards justice. Obviously, with this spark comes consequence. Justice already lost. Things won’t be easy for Diana and this mysterious prisoner. Luckily, there are other forces at play. Some, like Batman, haven’t given up and others who’s allegiance may be questionable. But, Diana isn’t like Batman or Superman. She’s a warrior. And every warrior has their weapon of choice. In the past, Diana has had many different weapons and tools, a sword, shield, and lasso being her go-to. However, modern problems require modern solutions.

From cover to cover, artist Greg Capullo’s A game brings its A game. His creativity with character design is out of this world. Everyone has a new design for the dark times ahead. The detail for every character, main and background, is unparalleled. The environment around them screams darkness. It’s truly hell on earth and it’s awesome. Between each chapter is a placeholder page hinting at the next part of the story. They’re absolutely beautiful pages that are all colored in a blueish-gray splash. The colors by FCO Plascencia are absolutely gorgeous. Every character pops and has a depth to them separating them from the background. Additionally, the inking by Jonathan Glapion provides a new definition. Overall, the artwork in this story is nothing short of spectacular.

Death Metal may only be one issue in but it’s clear that this story is going to be one of the most important additions to the multiverse. There’s been dozens of cosmic threats and upsets in the last ten years, but, as Batman says within the pages of the issue this is “One last fight. Everyone. Together.”

Rating: 10/10

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