Death Metal 3: Setting the Stage

Art by Greg Capullo ( DC Comics)

After a disturbing and heartbreaking night at DC Comics, Death Metal 3 sheds some light on DC fans in these dark times. Dark Nights Death Metal is set to be the biggest event in recent DC history and this week’s issue opens with Batman (who is riding a new bat-cycle of sorts), Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn riding the world’s largest hyena. Writer Scott Snyder, artist Greg Capullo, inks by Jonathan Glapion, colorist FCO Plascencia, and letters by Tom Napolitano combine to make one of the most badass forms of getting the band back together. In prior issues, Dark Nights Death Metal has been about many things but all with the underlying tone of reunion. However, there is much more to this issue, and the series, than a reunion. Hope has been an underlying tone since the first page, and that comes to the front lines today.

Each issue of Death Metal has had a goal of sorts. The first issue was about freeing Wally, the next about convincing Batman to join the battle, and today’s was about saving Superman. Well, Superman and one unsuspecting hero. Sadly, saving Clark proves to be more difficult than expected. Scott Snyder has created a few new forms of kryptonite to weaken Clark to the anti-life equation. As the issue progresses we discover there are a few more secrets Bruce and Clark are keeping from Diana and the readers. Whatever Scott’s planning, he’s playing the long game with this.

Something Scott Snyder has made himself no stranger to is classic wacky DC names and concepts. And what’s made this event so successful is for every crazy idea he has, they all come to life when Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia gorgeously depict every single one of them. In turn, this issue becomes one of the most engrossing stories yet.

In addition to introducing Death Metal Clark, today’s issue also introduced the Robin King. Without getting into specifics about him and his malicious tool belt, the robin king is Burt Ward’s rendition of the character dipped in Frank Miller levels of darkness. The robin king doesn’t just introduce himself to readers, but several heroes, and he’s bearing a message. This new character is every bit as evil, conniving, and terrifying as The Batman Who Laughs; and this is perfectly planned by Snyder. His ability to write the character and so many other dark multiverse characters is what makes him the perfect writer for this event. Scott Snyder has a talent that most writers don’t have: the strength to wrap up all of the absurdity, clarity, and (sadly I’m out of ity’s) beauty ( guess I had one more in me after all) in a single issue.

What makes this all so important is that it seems like all the buildup is done and the only thing left is war. And there is a war coming to our favorite heroes. The Batmanhattan Who Laughs is coming, and everyone better be ready because his first stop will be Wally West, or Wallhattan as I like to call him.

Overall, Dark Nights Death Metal issue 3 seems to have set the stage for the impending chaos to come. The pieces are set and everything is in motion. All we are left to wonder is if all roads still lead to darkness.

Rating: 9/10

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