Future State Wonder Woman: A Sensational Story

Future State: Wonder Woman (2021) Chapter 1 - Page 1

Yara Flor’s Wonder Woman has been one of the most anticipated stories from DC’s Future State initiative. Although DC plans to incorporate multiple Wonder Women stories in Future State, this is Yara Flor’s debut appearance. Joëlle Jones hit a grand slam when she wrote and penciled this story. With colors by Jordie Bellaire, the two created one of the most exciting stories in years from DC. The story of Yara Flor appears to be a wonderful combination of Greek mythology and Brazilian folklore that seems to set her up as a great new hero.

The story opens up with Yara Flor battling a hydra, showcasing her strength and prowess. Yara resonates with confidence, life, and joy. She isn’t that much like Diana, where Diana might show humility and pride, Yara shows excitement. The differences between the two continue as Yara’s costume pops more. Diana’s costume resembles the patriotism of what DC traditionally wanted Wonder Woman to represent. However, Yara’s costume is more unique to her. Probably the most exciting difference is her use of Bolas instead of the Lasso of truth. All of this embodies her themescyrian roots but also differentiates her from the traditional Amazonian.

As the story progresses, we discover the supporting cast to be used in this story as well as Yara’s mission. To further intermingle the Greek and Brazilian mythos, Yara’s two-parters are representative of each culture. Like any great hero, she has a Pegasus, named Jerry. In addition to her, we meet Caipora, an entity of the Tupi-Guarani mythology in Brazil, who represents the “inhabitants of the forest”. Joëlle Jones does a wonderful job incorporating these side characters while giving some background information as to their relationships with Yara.

As for her mission, Yara is on a direct path for Hades, who took one of her sisters in arms. Although this is her debut issue, Yara is not new to the hero business. She carries confidence just as evidently as she wears her armor. Some might see this as hubris, but it’s intended to showcase her humanity. By intent, Joëlle Jones intends to showcase how human Yara is. By doing so, it better depicts what kind of hero we’re being introduced to. However, considering this story has elements of many Greek heroes, one can only expect some form of tragedy and conflict in the future.

Throughout the story, a narrator guides the reader along the way. Introducing us to her background and providing light to her purpose in life. It’s an interesting twist, since text boxes are usually used for a character to think to oneself. But rather, Yara Flor thinks out loud. By writing like this, Joëlle Jones goes out of the ordinary, and it onlty add on to the story. From this, we gain a better understanding to Yara, and also an element of mystery is added. Who is the narrator? It’s an unknown character, perhaps Hades himself? Only time will tell as we learn more about the new sensational Wonder Woman.

This is Joëlle Jones best work yet. Her storytelling is more powerful than any other writer, delivering a great epic to introduce Yara Flor and the world around her. The characters have life, love, and an aura of energy that’s unlike most other DC stories. Rather than being a consuming depth of darkness, this story is exactly what DC’s been missing for years: a good story for a compelling character that draws in all kinds of readers. In addition to her writing, her art is glorious. Each panel perfectly depicts the characters and draws them in. Not to mention, the background is gorgeous. Joëlle Jones does a wonderful job incorporating the background in a unique way that only adds to the foreground and story. Not all artists are capable of doing this without there being an obvious difference in style. No, from front to back, this story consistently showcases all of what a great hero story should encapsulate.

Whether or not anyone’s read any Wonder Woman stories in the past, this is the perfect jumping title. The only comparison to be made in recent times is the introduction of Miles Morales as Spider-Man. This addition to the Wonder Women mythos is one that will hopefully continue to flourish. The Wonder Woman of Future State is an extraordinary story that goes above and beyond just being a great comic book introductory issue, but the beginning of a hero’s journey.

Review: 10/10

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