Future State: Wonder Woman #2

Art by Joëlle Jones (DC Comics)

Picking up where her inaugural issue left off, writer and artist Joëlle Jones close her introduction to Yara Flor by giving readers a well-rounded understanding of the newest Wonder Woman. Partnered with colorist Jordie Bellaire, Joëlle Jones’ two-part story through Future State is the most refreshing and well-needed story DC’s been missing. Through and through, we continue to love Yara as she overcomes the obstacles in front of her with more brazen defiance, wit, and confidence.

The issue opens with our new hero deciding rather than fighting Cerberus, the guard dog for the Underworld, she might as well play fetch with him. Getting past him and through the River Styx, we begin to see how Jones intertwines the past and present into the story. While the present sees Yara along her journey in the not so bright Underworld, the past is positively glowing as we learn how her fallen sister Portia died. These flashbacks are beautifully depicted in a sketched manner in comparison to the utterly gorgeous and defined present.

The story wastes no time introducing the lord of the dead. Hades is far from pleased at all the trouble Yara’s been causing in his domain. However, Hades’ temper is balanced by his compassionate wife Persephone. The result in their generous compromise for Yara is a race against the clock: find and return with Portia and the two Amazons can leave in peace. Sounds too good to be true? It might be.

What makes this story so beautiful is the message Jones and Bellaire set out on delivering. Future State: Wonder Woman isn’t just a story to introduce the world to the next Wonder Woman, a hero with far more charm and wit than her predecessor, but it’s a story about life, death, and acceptance. This story is a masterpiece that is further complemented by Yara herself. Rather than telling this message through a wiser character like Diana, Donna, or even Cassie, the introduction of Yara Flor makes it all the more relatable. It becomes easy to relate to Yara. She’s eager to see what’s next, ready for action, and plans on doing it with a smile on her face. Making a story about accepting what’s out of our control all the more balanced and grounded in reality. Often, we aren’t ready to face reality, we’d rather continue as things are, but none of that will lead to acceptance. This message becomes clear to both the reader and Yara by the end.

From cover to cover, Future State: Wonder Woman is a beautifully depicted story in every way possible. Looking past the storytelling for a moment, Jones and Bellaire hit a grand slam with their creativity and passion put to their respective pens. Each panel is colorfully depicted; which reminds the reader how new and eager our new Wonder Woman is. Furthermore, the slight separation between foreground and background through definition and intensity of color create an engaging story that doesn’t distract from where our focus should be.

Overall, this story seems to remind readers this is only the beginning for Yara Flor. The world is her oyster and everyone knows it.

Writing rating: 5/5

Art rating: 5/5

Overall rating: 10/10

Published by Michael G

Michael is from Illinois and the founder of Comics Cave Reviews. When he isn't reading or writing comics, he's probably watching hockey or playing guitar.

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