Future State Nightwing 2: A Dynamic Finale

Art by Yasmine Putri (DC Comics)

Dick Grayson is ready to put an end to the Magistrate once and for all or die trying. Partnering with The Next Batman, the two plan to bring the dynamic duo back for one last dance against the villains of Gotham. Writer Andrew Constant partners with Nicola Scott to deliver the final issue of their two-part story in the Future State imitative.

Part of what makes this story so great is how Constant characterizes Nightwing. Recently he’s been in such a painful limbo his own ongoing was hard to read. But Andrew Constant understands why Dick Grayson thrives so well when he’s Nightwing. Throughout the story, it’s evident Dick feels he’s alone, lost everything, and has nothing to lose.

It’s through their team-up that Nightwing decides to go from wanting to be a martyr to rising above and being the hero. As the story progresses, The Next Batman seems to be the pathos of the story, reminding the reader and protagonist that Nightwing isn’t someone to be taken lightly, nor is he someone under Batman, but someone of equal importance. And of course, it wouldn’t be a heartwarming story without a few other friends showing up to remind Nightwing that there is always another day after the dark night.
It’s through this that Constant’s depiction of The Next Batman comes in as an effective storytelling device. Rather than being like his predecessor, this new Batman has the outside perspective needed for this story. Rather than having this story be another Batman overshadowing Nightwing to save the day, the two bounce off each other perfectly.
The art in the story is to be expected, It’s pretty from afar, however, Scott’s faces always seem to look rough and unfinished. Although the backgrounds of the story are pretty, and the fights appear as acrobatic as one would expect in a Nightwing book, it just doesn’t sell for me.

Overall, Future State Nightwing 2 is a compelling closing story that delivers a well-needed reminder of why Nightwing is so important. With the overall Future State event coming to a close, it was nice to see even in the future Dick Grayson is still one of the smartest, strongest, most influential characters in the DC Universe.

Writing rating: 4/5

Art Rating: 3/5

Overall Rating: 7/10

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