Batman / Superman: World’s Finest 8

Art by Dan Mora (DC Comics)

Mark Waid and Dan Mora return with the second chapter in their newest arc in World’s Finest. The issue’s focus on Superman’s newest sidekick is a continued focus in the story. However, the focus isn’t on Superman as much as it is on David. Waid and Mora unite to show readers why the World’s Finest title is the best title at DC Comics right now. Together, the two write another masterful issue in the series.

A continued theme in the series that has been so important is the emphasis on more than Batman and Superman. In the past, the series has brought attention to Robin, Supergirl, The Doom Patrol, and even the Justice League. However, with an arc about legacy, it’s only fitting there’s a good amount of attention brought to DC’s most prominent legacy team: The Teen Titans! For fans of the critically acclaimed New Teen Titans run by Marv Wolfram and the late George Perez, this may not be the roster you’re expecting. The group that comprises the original team, also known as the “fab five” by fans is the roster we see in the issue. Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Speedy, and Aqualad are the friendly faces that greet both readers and David in this story. If Mark Waid isn’t planning on writing a Titans story, let’s cross our fingers that changes soon! Waid’s understanding of the team’s dynamic in their early days is top-notch. Combined with Mora’s art, the Titans have quite possibly shown up as the lead duo of this series.

As the series progresses, we see a shift in the plot toward David. The Key has locked down Gotham City, and it’s up to the supers to save it while David has his problems to work on. As this happens, we see his growing pains as he tries to do good, and we see something else too that raises a few questions. The whole story is nothing short of amazing. The story moves very fluidly and doesn’t distract the reader from the two plots going on simultaneously; the two interweave seamlessly. And as usual, Dan Mora is nothing short of perfect. Every edge and detail is refined and vividly depicts the scenes, emotion, and weight of each panel on each page. The two continue to be the best pair in DC, and possibly in the industry right now. In an issue with multiple fires to put out, the emotional weight carries the story just as much if not more so.

Overall, World’s Finest #8 is another slam dunk issue. From start to finish it holds the attention of the reader and leaves one wanting more. Some questions are raised, and a new threat looms ahead (they’re a real Joker for sure). Waid is able to remind us why he is such a masterful storyteller, as it seems like his goal is to continue to better himself with every story he writes. If that’s the case, he’s doing just that somehow. Having Mora as his partner on this story only makes it better. Tamra Bonvillain also does a wonderful job bringing life to each page with vibrant colors. The issue wraps up the story well as it continues a theme of the importance of legacy. Overall, what makes this arc so powerful is going to be the emotional weight it holds rather than a foe to fight.

Writing review: 5/5
Art review: 5/5
Overall review: 10/10

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