Batman / Superman: World’s Finest 8

Mark Waid and Dan Mora return with the second chapter in their newest arc in World’s Finest. The issue’s focus on Superman’s newest sidekick is a continued focus in the story. However, the focus isn’t on Superman as much as it is on David. Waid and Mora unite to show readers why the World’s FinestContinue reading “Batman / Superman: World’s Finest 8”

Nightwing 97

Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, and Geraldo Borges continue to inch closer to the massive 100th issue of Nightwing. Only a day after some new covers for January’s Nightwing #100 was announced, fans got a chance to read issue 97. In the aftermath of Blockbuster’s defeat (and demise), there are questions raised by characters and fansContinue reading “Nightwing 97”

Tim Drake: Robin #1: Welcome to the Marina

Tim Drake has been long overdue for an ongoing series. When writer Meghan Fitzmartin (who wrote Robin Eternal, Tim Drake’s stories in Batman: Urban Legends, and Dark Crisis: Young Justice) was announced to be the writer of the ongoing series, it was a shock to nobody. However, when artist Riley Rossmo was announced as theContinue reading “Tim Drake: Robin #1: Welcome to the Marina”

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 7

The most recent issue of Batman / Superman: World’s Finest was a great reminder of why this series has been so consistently enjoyable. With the first arc wrapped up, it seems like the new one will be about legacy (which seems to be a trend). But more interestingly, it’s about the found-family archetype. Reuniting afterContinue reading “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 7”

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is the first book review I’ve done, so I’m going to write it differently than other reviews. This is one of the eight books I’ve read this summer but one of the most memorable I’ve been emotionally connected to in years, if not a decade Gabrielle Zevin masterfully writes aContinue reading “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”

Action Comics: Warworld Rising

After a brief stint during the line-wide event Future State, Phillip Kennedy Johnson returned to the Man of Steel covering both Action Comics and Superman. This was before Clark Kent’s son Jon Kent became the Superman of Earth (sporting the title Superman: Son of Kal-El by Tom Taylor) while Clark Kent makes a dramatic change. That’s where Warworld RisingContinue reading “Action Comics: Warworld Rising”

Nightwing: Fear State

After a reenergizing first volume of Nightwing that uplifted the spirits of many Nightwing fans, the second volume struggled to keep the momentum. An unexpected crossover into Gotham City made the series seem a little repetitive. Too often has Dick Grayson been included in a Batman event at the expense of his storyline. Three monthsContinue reading “Nightwing: Fear State”

Nightwing Volume 1: Leaping Into The Light

When Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo signed up to lead the creative ship for Nightwing after over a year of unrelenting frustration from an ongoing amnesia story that was already time to end, fans rejoiced. Much like the new era for DC Comics, this was the beginning of a new frontier for Dick Grayson. ChiefContinue reading “Nightwing Volume 1: Leaping Into The Light”

Nightwing 80: Into the Fire

It goes without saying that the Nightwing creative team is publishing one of the best comic books right now. Today’s Nightwing issue is nothing short of a shot of serotonin for Nightwing fans. Not only is this week’s supporting cast used to the best of their ability, but our titular character is once again theContinue reading “Nightwing 80: Into the Fire”

Review: Nightwing 79 is All About the Heart

When the second preview for Nightwing 79 broke out, some fans were very vocal about the idea of Dick Grayson criticizing Bruce Wayne. However, when the full issue became available, it became evident to many how much of an inconsequential comment that was. Regardless of how Dick Grayson views how Bruce spends his time andContinue reading “Review: Nightwing 79 is All About the Heart”

Review: Nocterra #2

As the story of Val Riggs continues, her ability to overcome obstacles similarly continues. While stopping in the Neon Grove, Scott Snyder, Tony S. Daniel, and Tomeu bring a new layer of depth and intensity to the story. Things are not looking good for Val. Her brother Emory is getting worse, and traveling in aContinue reading “Review: Nocterra #2”

Review: Radiant Black #2

A month after it’s debut, issue two of Radiant Black is finally out. Writer Kyle Higgins and artist Marcelo Costa continue to write a strong story for Nathan. While introducing the story’s antagonist, issue two also further develops Nathan and builds on his relationships. The story opens up where the first issue ended, with NatanContinue reading “Review: Radiant Black #2”