Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 7

The most recent issue of Batman / Superman: World’s Finest was a great reminder of why this series has been so consistently enjoyable. With the first arc wrapped up, it seems like the new one will be about legacy (which seems to be a trend). But more interestingly, it’s about the found-family archetype. Reuniting afterContinue reading “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 7”

Action Comics: Warworld Rising

After a brief stint during the line-wide event Future State, Phillip Kennedy Johnson returned to the Man of Steel covering both Action Comics and Superman. This was before Clark Kent’s son Jon Kent became the Superman of Earth (sporting the title Superman: Son of Kal-El by Tom Taylor) while Clark Kent makes a dramatic change. That’s where Warworld RisingContinue reading “Action Comics: Warworld Rising”

Death Metal 3: Setting the Stage

After a disturbing and heartbreaking night at DC Comics, Death Metal 3 sheds some light on DC fans in these dark times. Dark Nights Death Metal is set to be the biggest event in recent DC history and this week’s issue opens with Batman (who is riding a new bat-cycle of sorts), Wonder Woman, andContinue reading “Death Metal 3: Setting the Stage”