Daredevil 23: The Calm Before the Storm

Now that we’re entering the midway point in the Truth / Dare arc for Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil, it seems like all the pieces are in motion. The buildup for this arc has been long, and Matthew Murdock certainly has had a lot happen since he accidentally committed murder and confessed to it. Luckily for theContinue reading “Daredevil 23: The Calm Before the Storm”

Review: Daredevil #18 showcases the importance of small victories

What happens when a deranged crime lord kidnaps the granddaughter of a rivaling mob family? Writer Chip Zdarsky and skilled artist Jorge Forn├ęs ask this very question in Daredevil 18. The issue opens with The Owl kidnapping Libris’, the very same head of the Libris crime family Izzy Libris, granddaughter. Chip Zdarsky once again envelopesContinue reading “Review: Daredevil #18 showcases the importance of small victories”